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The Fake People Of The Tempe I-Help Program

My wife and I have been in this program for a while now. When we came into the program I came into it as her caregiver. I did not want anything from that program. I am just there for her. We are homeless and have been for five years now. Her health has gotten bad. a few months ago we were told that because of her health we were going to get help from the city with housing.  Cool we thought this is a good thing so we thought. I put us back into this program to get her  off the streets and out of the heat. So now that we are in this program the staff agreed to let me just take care of my wife and not get a job. Let me tell you this when a person goes into this program you are told to get work so you can say up the money for an apartment. We were in the program for about two weeks and I asked about becoming a monitor. A monitor is like one of their staff members. After the first time I asked about becoming a monitor I was told that they will keep me in mind . Shortly after that my wife got sick and we had to leave for a short time. When we came back I asked again about becoming a monitor I was told that he did not think that I can handle the job and that I need to get a real job. Fine I then went and started to doing my Uber Eats runs again. When I started that back up a couple that took to my wife said that they would be happy to hangout with my wife while I went and worked. My wife is in a wheelchair. This job thing happened in the last week. So I would leave in the morning and go get my bike so I was able to work. They had my wife with them for the time that I was working. This seemed good she is with people that wants to hangout with her. Nope withing five day they gave up. I went to check in yesterday and I was told that I had one of two choices to make. I can take care of my wife and stay in the program. Or if I want to work you both will be kicked out of the program. Well this is not right at all. How can they want you to work and when you do start working you are told that you can’t. this makes no sense at all. I am very disappointed in this program they do not really want anyone that is in a wheelchair. People are so mean to others. So where I stand now is that if they do not want me to work a real job then let me be a monitor and call it a day. As a monitor your oversee the the workings of the program while in such church making sure the people that are following the rules that are in the program. Also making sure everything runs well. I know that I can handle this. The problem is that a lot of the rules are being broken and some of the current monitors do nothing about it. The other night we were at a church and four people walked of from where we supposed be. This means that they left the property. this is a rule that we have to follow. Once that we check in we can not leave for anything. I went and said something and what did they do ? Nothing at all.  That’s why they will not make me a monitor because I would enforce the rules. What they do is not right. I am not liking this at all it’s getting old.

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This Wonderful Morning.


This is a really awesome day. My wife and I are enjoying the morning so far. It started off real nice. We are working on some new videos for our channel. That will be awesome.

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How-to Pick the Right Names for Your Characters:

1. Be Realistic – where do they live? how old are they? what era is the book set in? what do they look like?
2. Keep It Simple – the harder to pronounciate, the easier to lose attention of your reader
3. Stick to Your Genre – go ahead and be creative for Sci-Fi/Fantasy, but the name must make sense within context
4. Avoid Famous Names – Elvis, Cher, Houdini and please never Adolf
5. Avoid Name Similarities – most readers don’t look past the first letter of each name (keep that in mind!)
6. The Root of the Name – check the meaning of each name and make sure it goes well with your character
7. Be Bold – if you are really stuck, choose people you know. Beware the backlash!

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Do you think that the homeless should be treated better?

I will start off by saying this. Yes we should all come together and be kind to one another. We all go through hard times in our lives. It could be because of losing a job. Someone in the family got sick. Many things can happen that are out of our control. The most important thing we can do for each other is be kind. Sometimes the homeless just want someone to talk to. There are some people that need a hand getting back up on their feet. I will say this my wife and I was once homeless and on the street. We were in Tempe Arizona. We hung out on Mill Ave day after day asking for food and money. We used the money to pay for motel rooms. The hardest part of being homeless is the lack of a job people would walk by and say things like get job. Well it is easier said then done. No employer is going to give a homeless person a real job this I know. I happened to get somewhat of a job. I was offered a job working at a bar called Moonshine. I was so happy to get this job. I could save up my pay checks and then get a place to live. It was not like I thought. I was given one hour a day for three days a week at ten dollars an hour. That is only thirty dollars a week. I could not get a place to live on that. All that did for me was take me from standing on the street asking for money. People would still say get a job. I would sometimes ask the if they had a business if they said yes I would ask for a job. Their answers were always no you can not have a job. I would ask why not? Then I was told you can not have a job because you are homeless. I always told my wife that it will be OK. It will get better soon. We will be off of the streets some day. We have been homeless for almost two years. It started back in 2014. We went to Santa Monica for a few months in 2014. We went back to Tempe for awhile then by summer time we went back to Santa Monica in august. Towards the middle of September a person that my wife and I called a friend thought it would by cool to tell my wife that he was going to have her and I killed. So that day we had sixty three dollars that brought us here to Las Vegas. Now in the beginning of October my wife got really sick and was put into the hospital. She was there for about a month. My wife had a roommate and they got to talking. My wife told her about how we have to live on the streets. That nice lady said that stops right here now. You guys are not going to be homeless anymore. My wife asked why? that nice lady said that she is going to help us get a place to live. After a few more day My wife was able to leave the hospital. On November 1st 2015 we moved into our apartment. This was the miracle that we were waiting for. It takes only on good deed to help someone change their life for the better. I asked our new found friend why she helped us? She responded saying it is the right thing to do. You should help others in need. Well we are taking her advice. We are raising money to help the homeless get off the street. We want to go state to state and help as many homeless people as we can get a home. I know what you are thinking. You guys are crazy. No we are not crazy. Remember it is the right thing to do. We have a campaign on gofundme.com We want to raise $100,000.00 So we can help the ones in need. If you feel the need to help please go to gofund.me/6rzhja44

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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The Charleston Shooting and the Potent Symbol of the Black Church in America

The Junto

Emanuel landscapeLast night, Dylann Storm Roof entered the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, sat through an hour-long meeting, and then opened fire on those in attendance. Reverend Clementa Pinckney, a state senator, was among nine individuals who were killed. Many are shocked at not only the grisly nature of the shooting, but also its location. “There is no greater coward,” Cornell William Brooks, president of the N.A.A.C.P, declared in a statement, “than a criminal who enters a house of God and slaughters innocent people engaged in the study of scripture.” Yet this experience is unfortunately, and infuriatingly, far from new: while black churches have long been seen as a powerful symbol of African American community, they have also served as a flashpoint for hatred from those who fear black solidarity, and as a result these edifices have been the location for many of our…

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An open response to Taylor Swift’s rant against Apple

Junction10 Photography

Dear Taylor Swift,

I have read your open letter to Apple where you give your reasons for refusing to allow your album ‘1989′ to be included on their forthcoming Apple Music streaming service.

(For reference:http://taylorswift.tumblr.com/post/122071902085/to-apple-love-taylor)

I applaud it. It’s great to have someone with a huge following standing up for the rights of creative people and making a stand against the corporate behemoths who have so much power they can make or break someone’s career.

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Liked on YouTube: Set and Forget YouTube SEO Automation Video 1


Set and Forget YouTube SEO Automation Video 1
Have you ever wondered how to get more embeds for your videos? How about more social shares, backlinks and even 2nd. tier backlinks?
In this video playlist I’ll show you how to automate all of the above.
All you have to do is your keyword research, write a catchy title, write a good amount of text into the description and add some tags. As soon as you hit publish backlinks and even second tier backlinks are automatically created for you. Even better…it’s totally free and easy to set up.
I’ll even show you how to do your keyword and tag research for free to.

This is going to be a video series, this is video one in the series As I add videos to the playlist I’ll keep linking to them.

It is worth mentioning that this is not a total solution…

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