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The Fake People Of The Tempe I-Help Program

My wife and I have been in this program for a while now. When we came into the program I came into it as her caregiver. I did not want anything from that program. I am just there for her. We are homeless and have been for five years now. Her health has gotten bad. a few months ago we were told that because of her health we were going to get help from the city with housing.  Cool we thought this is a good thing so we thought. I put us back into this program to get her  off the streets and out of the heat. So now that we are in this program the staff agreed to let me just take care of my wife and not get a job. Let me tell you this when a person goes into this program you are told to get work so you can say up the money for an apartment. We were in the program for about two weeks and I asked about becoming a monitor. A monitor is like one of their staff members. After the first time I asked about becoming a monitor I was told that they will keep me in mind . Shortly after that my wife got sick and we had to leave for a short time. When we came back I asked again about becoming a monitor I was told that he did not think that I can handle the job and that I need to get a real job. Fine I then went and started to doing my Uber Eats runs again. When I started that back up a couple that took to my wife said that they would be happy to hangout with my wife while I went and worked. My wife is in a wheelchair. This job thing happened in the last week. So I would leave in the morning and go get my bike so I was able to work. They had my wife with them for the time that I was working. This seemed good she is with people that wants to hangout with her. Nope withing five day they gave up. I went to check in yesterday and I was told that I had one of two choices to make. I can take care of my wife and stay in the program. Or if I want to work you both will be kicked out of the program. Well this is not right at all. How can they want you to work and when you do start working you are told that you can’t. this makes no sense at all. I am very disappointed in this program they do not really want anyone that is in a wheelchair. People are so mean to others. So where I stand now is that if they do not want me to work a real job then let me be a monitor and call it a day. As a monitor your oversee the the workings of the program while in such church making sure the people that are following the rules that are in the program. Also making sure everything runs well. I know that I can handle this. The problem is that a lot of the rules are being broken and some of the current monitors do nothing about it. The other night we were at a church and four people walked of from where we supposed be. This means that they left the property. this is a rule that we have to follow. Once that we check in we can not leave for anything. I went and said something and what did they do ? Nothing at all.  That’s why they will not make me a monitor because I would enforce the rules. What they do is not right. I am not liking this at all it’s getting old.

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